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Eat the full range of our quarter pounder burgers and a portion of our chips within an hour.

You will win a T-shirt, a certificate, bragging rights, your name will go on the hall of fame in store and on our website, and of course we pay for the food. But if you lose you pay £20 towards the cost of the food.


You will eat the burgers prepared as per our standard salad and sauce. You can have as much or as little drink as you wish, we can give you water or soft drinks. All must be eaten within an hour without throwing up or the use of toilet facilities which makes it a fail. You must be over 18 to enter or must have a written consent from parents allowing to enter this challenge. You are responsible for any health issues or illness which may or may not result as a direct or indirect effect of the challenge. Management holds no responsibility what so ever for any claim of any type which may or may not occur as a result of this challenge. You accept and enter at your own free will.

Challenge will be held once a month provided there is an interested candidate, booking to enter must be done few weeks in advance so that event can be promoted. Bring in a friend and compete against each other not just the time, making it more exciting.